IGS Overview


The Institute of Graduate Studies (IPS) is the Graduate Centre for UM. Since its inception in 1979, IGS has inspired to promote excellent multidisciplinary research and postgraduate training in order to meet the growingdemands and development of the modern era. The number of postgraduate students has increased significantly over the years. There are currently over 10,000 students with about 2,500 international students from 80 countries.

Under the Dean's office are the Postgraduate Admissions, Examination, Finance, and student development activities. With cooperation of other academic establishments of the university, these sections oversee the academic progress, finance and postgraduate students activities.

With more than a thousand international students from about 80 countries, IGS proudly upholds the traditions and standards of excellence in teaching, research and scholarships, by providing effective and efficient student services, opportunities and a platform for the sharing & shaping of ideas.

Last Update: May 17, 2018